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  • Scratchers

    Scratch tickets. State lottery ads / pressure to gamble. Now there are even vending machines with no id check that anyone with a debit card can impulsively walk up to and drain their account of funds. I’m not saying its the worst thing in the world, but it’s definitely WAY worse than porn. Especially when…

  • Crumbling Systems of Accountability

    Locking up a kid for life who was only fifteen years old when he DID cry for help and was failed repeatedly by adults with legal, ethical, moral, and parental obligations to do so fucking much better IS NOT JUSTICE. What his parents did and did not do. Then treating this kid like an adult.…

  • Plastic Trachea Butcher

    Paolo Macchiarini. Everyone who enabled him and failed to do due diligence, including the Karolinska Institute (those Nobel prize committee fuckers) and the media (American television included) glamorizing him as a hero when he was little more than a con man invading people’s bodies — including little children’s bodies — to play god for money,…

  • Stick Pokey Metal Things In Your Ears! Only $19.95

    Stick Pokey Metal Things In Your Ears! Only $19.95

    Porno = Big Bad Danger! Deep-penetration Metal Ear Probes = Very Good Marketplace Advert Successes!

  • Microplastics

    That’s it. That’s the whole post. For now.

  • The Media on

    The Media on

    The way the mainstream media treated her, her victim, & her crimes: so much worse than honest legit porn.

  • Trump and Treason

    Former presidents in glass houses, yo. JFC.

  • So Many Things …

    Where to even start? Well … definitely not on policing porn.

  • Royal Guards Collapse in Heat

    How many media outlets made money exploiting the ritualized torture of these poor young men, forced to wear unhealthy costumes to put on a sick show?

  • Those Bathroom Pics

    NONE OF US should be looking at those photos from inside Aaron Carter’s bathroom.