Plastic Trachea Butcher

Paolo Macchiarini. Everyone who enabled him and failed to do due diligence, including the Karolinska Institute (those Nobel prize committee fuckers) and the media (American television included) glamorizing him as a hero when he was little more than a con man invading people’s bodies — including little children’s bodies — to play god for money, status, and power, causing his victims’ last months and days of life to be sheer hellish torture.

At best he is like the pre-Wright Brothers flying men with their doomed-to-fail experimental aircrafts, except that he strapped sick people onto his crappy designs and pushed them off cliffs to plummet to slow deaths hitting rocky outcroppings after sheer boulders after craggy rocks, wheeling them out to press conferences forcing them to profess his procedures successful, then letting them die in hideously painful conditions, often after going through multiple surgeries following his insane fuck-ups.