Sheriff Posts Photo of Dead Body on His Insta & Director Poses with Suspect

Florida sheriff apologizes for posting photo of dead body believed to be Madeline Soto (13 year-old SA & murder victim) while the executive director of the Sheriff’s office snaps selfie with the guy believed to have done it, and also posts that shit on social media.

It’s not just worse than porn, it IS porn, and more guilty of the bad shit (obscene, exploitative, harmful, etc.) associated with porn than legit porn is.

How do you openly fucking do that shit to her family and exploit a dead child while glamorizing her shithole killer like he’s a celebrity while claiming to give a fuck about justice? See … actual overt porn-porn doesn’t typically do that, and certainly doesn’t get paid by taxpayers as law enforcement working on behalf of the public to do so if it does.

No, I do not believe posting photos of dead bodies on Instagram is an accident. And if it is? You are incompetent, and should have your phones and drivers licenses and guns and allllll that shit taken away from you that you are careless or unable to manage. And certainly not continue getting paid to be in the position you are in.