Face Masks, Nail Polish & Hot Styling Tools

You know what injures tons of kids and women AND is exploited by mainstream platforms like YouTube and TikTok for LOLs at their expense?

CURLING IRONS. FLAT IRONS. Those dry-and-peel blackhead-remover masks. LITERALLY toxic nail polish. All kinds of household appliances. People making videos of themselves instead of focusing all their attention on carefully handling their four-hundred-degree heat-styling tools. And this youtube channel (with 4.78 MILLION subscribers) describing itself as “empowering YOU” by compiling all of these clips of people and children screaming in pain as they’re burned, have their hair ripped out, etc.:

VIDEO >>> WARNING Curling Irons Will BURN | Funny Hair Fails and More

Quickly mentioning this today before posting about the big egg-cracking “prank” trend where parents film themselves physically and emotionally abusing their children and proudly post it all on the internet for attention and entertainment value.