Antibiotic Resistance (and how/why it happened/s)

Why are people obsessed with regulating porn and talking about its mostly-imaginary ill effects instead of how we’re on the brink of cataclysm due to increasing resistance to antibiotics bringing us all closer to dramatic and grody death by bacteria?

It makes a million times more sense to punish people who abuse antibiotics and fine doctors who overprescribe them than to do all this bullshit policing of sex work and protecting people’s eyeballs from pornography.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Shut the fuck up about porn and worry about something that is actually killing people and will fuck us all if we keep going at this rate.

It’s so much more exciting to people to obsess about sexy things like porn instead of showing some gratitude for amazing medical miracles like antibiotics and working to make sure they keep working so we don’t go back to the hell that existed before them.

MRSA. Flesh-eating bacteria. How do people in good conscience devote their energy to combating porn when we have real deadly problems to educate people about and solve?