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PORN. It gets a bad rap. I should know; I'm a pornographer and I call bullshit on the double standards.

People blame pornography for all kinds of social ills, devoting a disproportionately high level of hysterical fervor to blasting porn and its supposed repercussions than they do to a whole host of dirtier, more dangerous influences.

I'm obsessed with calling people's attention to all the shit that's so much WORSE than porn, but gets so little vehement opposition.

WorseThanPorn.com is a place to point out the crap that isn't criticized as heavily as porn, but SHOULD be. The stuff that REALLY harms kids, families, and women. Not because porn is blameless, but because other stuff is so much WORSE.

Roughly drafted rants from my blog:

Sports Industry vs. Sex Industry

. . . the sports industry is worth "far more than twice the size of the U.S. auto industry and seven times the size of the movie industry." Just the sports INJURY industry alone is worth over ten billion dollars!!! We pay to watch them get hurt, and then the doctors get paid to fix them. Go go gladiators!! Tell me again how prostitution is illegal for the protection of women. If we're so concerned about people's bodies, why are sports legal if they result in these kinds of injuries?


Border Patrol

It boggles my mind the way these fuckers act so proud of their horrid, invasive, pathetic jobs. The way they won't acknowledge for a second that what they're doing is a violation of civil liberties and pretty much defeats the purpose of living in what we like to call a "free" country. Nothing personal against those who are just following orders and need their crappy job with the border patrol, but it makes me mad when I as a whore am shamed and vilified for my job but these guys? Get to walk around with their chests puffed out for stopping people without cause and wreaking havoc on people's lives.

Idol: Pimping the Kids for ALL They're Worth

I feel safer knowing there are heaping loads of bukkake porn on the internet and more women every day getting paid to take gobs of cum on their eyeballs than I do in knowing that millions of children are watching American Idol which teaches them to be so distanced from reality that they could be personally rewarded for stalking someone they see on television. They're *both* dehumanizing but one is intended for ADULTS and features people who were PAID to get cum on their faces; the other is marketed to children and histrionic adolescents who are being enculturated that it's not only acceptable but DESIRABLE to selfishly and unrealistically harass, stalk, and violate anyone they want who's in the public eye.

End Violence Against Sex Workers

Violence against sex workers boils down to two things: a woman who demands money for sex is a woman who is saying NO to sex without money. For all of our fancy talk and progress, our society STILL does not wholly support women's right to say NO. Our problem is not just with women charging money for sex, our problem is with women SAYING NO to sex with men unless the men meet conditions set by women.

But Who Let this Happen?

[Despondent Fort Lewis GI fell through system's cracks to his death]

. . . The thing that mystifies me, though, is this bizarre train of thought asking "who could have let this happen??" instead of even acknowledging for one fucking MOMENT *why* the guy wanted to blow his fucking brains out. He's DEPRESSED BECAUSE HE IS/WAS IN A FUCKING WAR ZONE AND SEEING BLOWN UP CHILDREN. Where's the mystery? What is there to be confused about?

The Virginia Tech Shooting

Want to know what I always find "funny" about stories like this? I think it's "funny" that they try to avoid pointing out that it's a male who did it. AGAIN. I mean, you can count on one hand the number of females who go on shooting sprees, but no one bothers to ask themselves why that is. Instead we just accept that guys dominate violent crime while we very pointedly avoid any attempt to acknowledge the obvious (that might mean we'd have to question gender roles, right, and we don't want any of THAT).

James Ellroy
(FYI: I *love* _My Dark Places_)

You know how people like to point at sex workers and label them damaged goods, drawn into the sordid skin trade never by choice but always by some history of past and present victimhood? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. We do our jobs because we were sexually abused or because we've been brainwashed by pop culture into thinking we're only valuable as sex objects . . . .You don't hear people saying that about the James Ellroys or the cops, though, do you? Because men are not victims, they are HEROES. They turn it around and do something PRODUCTIVE with their lives, right? But sex work . . . THAT'S not productive. No, but if I were to write books with pictures of dead swollen-headed mommies that would be okay -- not damaged at all!

Discarded Porn

. . . until the advent of the internet, SHAME was probably one of the top three reasons kids got their hands on porn. Because someone threw their collection away, a kid scavenged for it and his eyes were burned out by the sordid sight of SKIN!!

A Hairy Asshole is Like a Melody

I have very little concern for respecting people's "work safe" boundaries because if it's okay for an employee to be wasting time reading blogs, it should be okay to see my hairy fucking crack.


Not two minutes into the movie HE LITTERS!!!! How can I root for someone WHO LITTERS??? I thought this movie was supposed to be wholesome and Disneyfied! How can Disney glorify such incredible stupidity?

The Double Standard's a BEAR

Watching Matt Hasselbeck (the quarterback) doubled over in pain from his broken fingers while he kept on playing made me wonder how people would respond if I as a webwhore/camgirl, for instance, did a masturbation show with broken fingers and kept wincing in pain, and then had an announcer reminding everyone in the viewing audience of all of the injuries I'd suffered while doing explicit sex shows and masturbation. Wouldn't the anti-porn, anti-whore people be mortified? And wouldn't they be even MORE mortified if a whore suffered those kinds of injuries and actually got paid as much as a pro football player?

Porn held to higher Standards than Mainstream

I can't imagine the kind of hate mail I'd get if I acted as careless and incommunicative towards my consumers as mainstream businesses do. But *I* as a dirty filthy pornographer am the one who has to pay higher payment processing fees and abide by stricter chargeback guidelines than mainstream businesses.

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